About DK

The Best Shopping Experience

DK Designz was created in 2013 because of a simple need to fit in at the workplace. Everyone was dressed so well and I simply couldn’t afford to purchase such extravagant accessories. My toddler son, seeing that I needed a little help, suggested we make our own items, "Let's make you own jewee, mommy," he humbly suggested. He found some small  pieces from our garage and with some creative juices, we created my first pair of earrings. I wore them proudly to work and to my surprise, I found that people really liked them. They even wanted to buy what we had created and it wasn't long before I realized there might be a need. 

We began creating designs for others and things started rolling. It wasn't long before my son reaped his first rewards, a brand new little push bike. And so began DK Designz.

” DK Designz showcases a plethora of beautifully affordable jewelry and accessories. At DK Designz, you will find beautifully, handcrafted sterling silver and gold jewelry at prices everyone can afford.  We really want to make things that people can wear and afford to wear.  We are a trendsetting online store, offering our handmade products with exceptional customer service to our shoppers from the comfort of their own homes and to those who venture out and visit our beautiful boutique in downtown Bend, Oregon.  We’re a business made up of creative family members loving the area and proud to be here.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today.